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Learn To Dance Port Saint Lucie!

Salsa & Bachata Dance Classes



Three locations in the Treasure Coast.

All levels welcome. No partner needed. So come with friends or come make some! 



One-on-one to individual dance classes for individuals, couples, or to small groups.

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If you’re looking for unique entertainment  experience for your next corporate event, wedding or private party, look no further. Our latin dancers will bring your next event to life!


About Us:

About Us

LearnToDancePortSaintLucie’s founder and director, Os El Cambo lives his life with a dancer’s spirit. After relocating from the Minnesota to the tropical climes of South Florida 2004, he quickly became enamored with the rhythmic sounds of Latin music and the exotic nature of its various dances and cultures. When he finally decided to “try out” a salsa class, it was love at first step. Dedicated to learning and mastering the Salsa and Bachata dances, Os began training at various dance schools all over central and southern Florida and under the tutelage of some of the most well-known instructors in the state. With the birth of his daughter Alicia, Os’s passion for learning evolved into a passion for teaching it, and began teaching at local events and venues, and eventually opening a dance school for the communities along the Treasure Coast. LearnToDancePortSaintLucie dance school opened it’s floors on January 30th, 2019 to offer multiple-level Salsa and Bachata dance classes in Port Saint Lucie. Through the school’s 3 Promises, LearnToDancePortSaintLucie exists to provide quality Latin dance instruction at an affordable cost to help create, nurture, and grow a vibrant and healthy dance community in the city of Port Saint Lucie!

Our 3 Promises to YOU

Promise #1: Make you feel like family the moment you first walk in


We understand that learning to dance can be a very intimidating experience for most people. And the truth is, you probably will look awkward and feel clunky in your movements on your first day. But the good news is, EVERY single one of us has been there, instructors included! The growing pains of dance are sacred bonds that tie us all together. And we promise to provide the warmest and most inviting atmosphere possible so that you know you’re now among family, and making mistakes and struggling will never be anything you have to go through alone.

Promise #3: We promise to have FUN!

Dancing is fun. Plain and simple. And making sure we all have fun as we grow together will always be our MOST important promise to you! Our classes are set up with the ambiance and structure that highlights and embraces the social nature of dancing. We provide after-class opportunities for students to practice and socialize with their fellow classmates and instructors. And we will always be staffed with instructors that genuinely love to teach, just as genuinely as they love to dance.

Promise #2: We promise to get you feeling comfortable in the right classes and with the right instructors that will best fulfill your dance goals.

We understand that the most satisfying dance lesson is one that is not so difficult that you become discouraged and give up, nor too easy that you become bored and quit, but rather one that provides a “Comfortable Challenge.” Our team of highly-experienced dance instructors provide multiple classes simultaneously and to students of all levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. We want you to always feel comfortable learning amongst your peers, while consistently being challenged to grow.

Mission Statement

We exist to offer high quality dance instruction at affordable prices and through living out the 3 Promises, our goal is to create, nurture, and grow a vibrant and active dance family in Port Saint Lucie by investing in YOU, the student.

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